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Skullz is a collection of 666 fierce and menacing NFTs that live inside of Hellz. Each Skull has traits that are randomly generated on-chain. Skullz is unlike any other NFT project that dominates the space. Skullz is not another cute, pastel, ape, pixel, anime, or walking animation collection. Skullz is a brand-forward Web3 project tempered by the flames of hell.

Skullz is not just a single collection of NFTs. We will have exclusive fashionware, street art, music, and much more for Skullz holders. In addition, we will be airdropping our subsequent NFT collections to holders.

With a community-first mindset, the voices of our collectors are vital to us. Your voices will help dictate the future of our brand.
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Hellz is a dangerous, underground, fiery wasteland. Those who sinned in Web3 are eternally punished here for their transgressions. The rug-pullers, the scammers, the greedy, and the negligent are forever punished here.

Here the guilty will burn eternally. Their suffering will fuel our new world.

To the fiends living in Hellz, we invite you to build out this hellscape with us. Your skills and talents will help mold this barren wasteland into so much more. We will be employing the most creative, devilish, and passionate individuals at Skullz.

Cast aside your previous life and UNLEASH THE BEAST
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Ethnic_Boy's Skullz


Ethnic Boy is a graphic designer and visual artist from Miami, FL. He graduated from the University of Florida with Honors, and has ran his multimedia art business for the past four years. He has much experience creating graphics, sculptures, and videos. Fun fact, he even worked with Da Baby on a t-shirt design once. Check out his work at
Prabhjot's Skullz


Prabhjot is a developer from the Bay Area, California. He graduated from the University of California, Davis with a bachelor's in computer science. Before working on Skullz, he was a full-stack dev at a crypto startup called Nugbase. Legend has it that he's from deepest parts of Hellz.